Overall, Cascadia features a compelling and emotionally charged assortment of tracks exploring a range of themes, from enduring relationships to hope and dreams of escape. The album’s profound lyrical content, harmonious arrangements, and relatable themes make it an enticing addition to any music collection.” - Jenna Melanson

Canadian Beats - Review of Cascadia and Interview

Vanstones have a knack for writing songs that convey emotion and heart, and the songs on Cascadia seem to express a central theme - joy and connection.” - Kris Goetz

From The Strait

“Cascadia” is an aural journey that transports listeners to a place of happiness and positivity. Vanstones’ ability to infuse their music with a genuine sense of joy is truly remarkable.” - Rubin Mathias

Sinusoidal Music - Review of Cascadia

Each member of Vanstones contributes not only their vocals but also their unique instrumental flair, creating an album that transports you to the serene landscapes of the Yukon and invites you to revel in the beauty of timeless music-making.” - Alex Stone

Plastic Magazine

"With a unique ensemble of talents, their music carries an irresistible allure, encompassing rich and warm vocals sung in a force of softly strummed acoustic instrumentation with moments of electric guitar-driven euphoria."” - Naomi Joan

Illustrate Magazine - Review of Cascadia

A collection of heartwarming vocal harmonies, comforting acoustic melodies, spirited rhythms, and electrifying guitar crescendos beckons within this musical masterpiece.” - Mister Styx

Music Arena Gh - Review of Cascadia

“Sleepy Northern Town” serves as a reminder that even if someone feels stuck or misunderstood, there is a shared human experience that connects us all. It's a testament to the Vanstones' ability to evoke powerful emotions through their lyrics and music, creating a work that is both cathartic and inspiring.” - Parapop

Parapop - Review of Sleepy Northern Town (Originally written in Indonesian (Bahasa))

Captivating melody and well-crafted vocals, as well as beautiful rhythmic work, with a very lively and interesting instrumental.” - Eduardo Figueira

Roadie Music - Review of Sleepy Northern Town (Originally written in Portuguese)